Why Gutter and Fascia Painting Should Be Left To Roof Experts

Roofing specialists are the right person for this job.

It is important to regularly maintain the roof to keep it functional, as your roofing protects the structure of your house from extreme weather elements. In addition, it is also essential to ensure that your roofing looks pleasant. A good-looking roof normally means a healthy and more durable look, from its colour and position, to its shape and material, the roof of your home can affect the appeal of your property.

The Importance of Gutters

The gutter is an integral part of your roof and is designed to collect rainwater, keeping it away from the foundation and walls of your home. Gutters also perform other functions such as water management, landscape protection, foundation protection, and roof protection.

Gutters help redirect water to where it can be safely absorbed in the ground below. They keep rainwater from ruining your perfectly manicured lawn and landscape and also protect your roof by preventing ponding of water and damaging other parts of your roof, such as the fascia and soffit.

All About Fascia

All About Fascia

The fascia is where the gutter is attached and fastened to the building. By having a fascia, you protect the soffit and the roof from water damage so that rainwater, debris, and snow will not seep into the roof of your home. The fascia is part of the finishing touches of your roofing, making it look neat and appealing, which is why fascia is often painted in the same colour as your house.

Why You Need to Paint the Gutter and Fascia

1. Aesthetic appeal

You should have your gutter and fascia painted to make your home more attractive and cohesive in style. A poorly-painted roof can lower the curb appeal of your house. Do not underestimate the gutters and fascia because your visitors and onlookers will surely notice if they are not well maintained or painted.

2. Protection

Note that painting the gutter and fascia is not only for the sake of appearance. For instance, if not painted properly, steel gutters will end up developing rust and stains - you will need to repaint them long before you need to repaint the rest of the house. Painting your guttering also serves as protection against rot.

3. Long lasting

Your roofing is constantly exposed to strong rains, storms, hail and the blistering summer sun. You can help your roofing, soffits, fascia, bargeboards and guttering last longer and protect your home longer by applying a coat of protective paint.

Why You Should Leave Painting Them to the Experts

Why You Should Leave Painting Them to the Experts

Calling the experts may initially more expensive, but it is definitely worth considering the real value instead of the money itself. You should leave painting your gutters and fascia to your trusted roof painters for the following reasons:

1. Painted guttering and fascia will affect your home’s beauty

You may be tempted to paint your gutters and fascia by yourself, but your fascia and gutters are prominent features of your house that can easily catch the eye of any passers-by or visitors. DIY work can possibly ruin the aesthetic of your home’s façade if not executed to the highest standard. More importantly, performing this decorating project requires a high level of safety training to climb up without risking injury. Maintain the beauty of your home by leaving the job to experienced roofing team such as those at Fussy Roof Restorations. You will have peace of mind that the outcome will be to your standards and will last for a long time.

2. A Roofing company will prepare your gutters and fascia properly

When it comes to painting your gutters and fascia, you can’t just dip your paintbrush in your paint bucket and go ahead. Proper preparation is the key to make the paint job successful. Only licensed roof professionals can expertly prepare your gutters and fascia.

A professional Roofer will look for signs of rust, wear, peeling, and other problems first and address them. They will also need to clean the gutters and make sure that they are free of debris and rust so that the new paint will stick properly.

Sometimes, paint stripping is required to remove old coats and this should be done carefully to make sure that the metal will not get scratched. The gutter surface must be smooth to touch before the new paint is applied.

If you have brand new steel gutters, they must be washed first with warm water and detergent to remove by-products of metal production. This film of by-products will make it difficult for the paint to stick on the gutter’s surface.

The fascia should also be cleaned of debris, mould, mildew, and other surface stains. In some cases, using a pressure washer is more effective – of course, carefully removing the gutters is necessary for this.

3. A roofing team knows the correct products and paints to use

Unfortunately, you cannot just pick up any bucket of paint that you see in the store. For instance, a roof painting specialist such as Fussy Roof Restorations will need to prime your gutters first with an oil-based primer to help protect your gutters from rust damage.

If you have aluminium gutters, the process becomes even more complex. You need to use paint that is appropriate to aluminium and can protect it from the weather. When painting aluminium materials, your paint should not contain ammonia. When ammonia mixes with aluminium, it creates gas, resulting in paint bubbles. For these reasons and others, aluminium fascia is challenging to paint - let a roof professional do it all for you.

4. Having a Professional paint job will save you money in the long run

Of course you initially pay for roof panting services but hiring Sunshine Coast roof professionals such as Fussy Roof Restorations can save you money long term. They can do the job properly in one take, and efficiently, too - they have carried out many similar jobs and, therefore, are less likely to commit serious mistakes. Remember - having to redo a disastrous painting job is more costly than paying professionals to do it correctly the first time.

Contact Fussy Roof Restorations for Your Roofing Needs.

Contact Fussy Roof Restorations for Your Roofing Needs.

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