Why Do I Need to Restore My Roof?

Restoration instead of replacement

Taking care of your roof can be a simple project once a year, but what do you do when it starts to look a bit shabby? You want to keep your roof in good condition so that it protects not only your property’s contents, but the inhabitants inside as well. Rooftop problems don’t always require replacement, but how do you know when one solution is better than the other?

Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration

As time and nature affect your roof it will fade, possibly rust, succumb to wear, and you may even get some loose tiles. When your roof has lost its lustre, it’s time to have a licensed roofer come take a look and see if a simple roof restoration will bring it back to life and increase the material’s lifespan. Restoration can be undertaken when you discover damage, mould builds up, or even plants grow on your tiled roof.

Restoration varies based on what roofing material you have and what type of damage has been done. No matter the material or state it is in, the roof with be given a thorough cleaning to remove algae, dirt, grit, moss, and mould with a high-pressure spray. Next up, any damaged areas will be repaired or replaced depending on the type of roof which could include re-bedding, repointing, and sealing leaks. After the surface is cleaned of debris, it will have foam or paint applied for metal, slate, tile, and wooden roofs. Then a specially designed paint reseals and re-coats the surfaces to protect against future corrosion or rust.

The Benefits of Roof Restoration

The Benefits of Roof Restoration


While having your roof is an expensive investment, if you can restore your roof instead you will save money which can then be used to restore or upgrade other sections of your property. Roof restoration uses less labour and materials, but can make your property more attractive.


By restoring your existing roof, you are saving huge piles of sheathing and tiles going to the landfill. The restoration process does not take out sheathing, but instead may only replace a few tiles or shingles here and there.


Unlike roof replacements, which can take hours to days depending on how big of a job it is, roof restoration takes much less time. So instead of having to leave your property while the roof is getting done, the process is much quicker and can be done in a matter of hours, while you are still at home.

Increased Lifespan

Like most things, the better care you take of them the longer they will last. This works for roofing materials as well and restoring a roof and has been shown to add 5 to 10 years to its predicted lifespan. An experienced roofer will check for any damage or weakness before starting work and identify broken or cracked tiles, unsecured metal roofing. They may also check and remove debris from gutters and roof corners to help prevent mould and plant growth, which ultimately helps to improve the lifespan of your roof.


While you might think that restoring your roof or even cleaning it with a pressure washer is something that you can easily do it yourself, without being a professional, you would be putting your home and its contents at risk. The deep cleaning required as a part of the restoration process requires machinery to be operated at the correct angle to avoid damage to the house or roofing materials. Roofers have a high level of expertise and specialist skills which help them to not only clean and repair roofs, but also to restore them to a high standard.

Why Restoration

Why Restoration?

If you’ve had your roof examined, you’ll have an idea as to whether the damage to your roof is extensive enough to be replaced or if you can add life to your existing roofs through restoration. If done correctly, the restoration will last for approximately 15 years, helping the materials to last even longer. The signs to look out for to know whether you need to restore your roof:

  • Leaks in the roof – look out for mould or dark spots on your ceilings or in corners
  • Gutters and down-pipes with cracks or overflowing
  • Broken, cracked, missing, or porous tiles
  • Exposed plasterwork
  • Deteriorated or faded paint
  • Sagging roof or weakened roof valleys
  • Cracked or damaged roofing bedding, pointing, or flashing
  • Any indication of mildew, moisture, mould, or rot or with metal roofs corrosion where fittings are
  • Gutters or roof becoming blocked with moss and plant growth
How Does Restoration Benefit Me

How Does Restoration Benefit Me?

Having a good-looking roof that keeps you warm and dry during rainy and cold days. It also keeps rodents and birds out. These are all great reasons to make sure your roof is in the best condition. Making sure your roof is in good condition will also help reduce energy loss and boost your property’s value. So, if selling your house is in your cards, one of the first things they’ll see is your roof, so you’ll want to make sure it looks as nice as possible.

Restoring the roof prolongs its life and by having your roof inspected you’ll be able to tackle any damage before needing expensive repairs or to fully replace the roof. Another bonus of having your roof restored is increased protection to keep invasive pests from sneaking in through loose or unsecured tiles or metal roofs. The peace of mind you’ll experience after having your roof restored includes getting a solid night of sleep knowing your roof is secure and won’t fly off in the wind or let water into your home.

With a good solid roof, your home is less likely to lose precious heat during cold weather and the winter. Any gaps, damage, or unsecured spots in your roof will let it escape and end up costing you more on your energy bill. While roof replacements make a lot of noise and can last for several days, roof restoration is non-intrusive and can be done within a few days.

Get Your Roof Restored

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