What Should You Do When You Have Visible Broken Roof Shingles?

When you look at your roof and notice that some of the shingles are cracked or clearly damaged the first thing you need to do is figure out why it’s critical to take action. Only then can you properly consider your options.

The quicker you attend to the repair of shingles the better your chances are of limiting further damage to plywood. Broken shingles make it easy for water to work their way underneath them and leak into the plywood below. This can lead to delamination or rotting of the plywood which can cause further major leaks and promote the growth of dangerous mould.

Apart from these serious structural issues, broken shingles are an eyesore. Unattractive, broken roofing can be a major drag on your home’s potential value as it is one of the first things a potential buyer sees.

As with most faults if it’s attended to in a timely matter the damage, both financially and structurally can be limited. You should call a roofing expert as soon as possible to assess just what work needs to be done.

Determine the full extent of the damage.

Determine the full extent of the damage.

It’s important when you’ve seen a broken or missing shingle to try and get the best idea possible of just how much damage has been caused. Is it just a solitary shingle or a row? Is it cracked or completely missing. It’s always wise after severe winds or storms to check the condition of your roof. The potential implications of leaving this damage unattended for any period of time are the increased possibility of water damage to your roof frame and even the full replacement of water spoiled insulation. The longer you choose to do nothing about it the worse your problems will inevitably be. If you’re experienced with roof maintenance by all means attend to the job yourself but if not a call to a roofing expert is in order.

What happens next?

This is completely dependant on the level of damaged assessed. A low level of damage can usually be attended to quickly and efficiently, repairing only the broken shingles. However, it is definitely worthwhile to consider the following and making a decision on whether a simple repair is the best long term outcome for you.

How old are the shingles on your roof

How old are the shingles on your roof?

If you have bought an older home, it may not be easy to work out just how old your roof is and the expected future lifespan of your shingles. A roofing expert is ideally placed to give you the accurate information you need. There’s a possibility that the one or two shingles that are being repaired now could be the start of a “domino effect” with more to follow and costly, constant maintenance or replacement placing an unnecessary burden on your family budget. Maybe a complete roof replacement, with newer, sturdier materials could be the sounder decision financially and cosmetically.

How much damage are you dealing with?

If your shingles are in a decent condition overall and assessed to have a workable lifespan in front of them a simple repair is definitely the smartest move you can make. If the damage is more widespread and a significant portion of your roof is compromised by missing or damaged shingles thought must be given to a full replacement.

Concerns about cost

Concerns about cost

If the size of your repair job exceeds what might be regarded as “minor repair” you should take the time to speak to your roofing specialist and determine what course of action will lead to the most effective financial outcome. The impost of a full roof replacement might seem daunting at first but in consultation with a specialist you should be able to work out if the larger initial outlay will be of better cost benefit than the constant repair on an aging, failing roof. Advances in materials and construction techniques adapted to local climate extremes means that a complete replacement may actually save you money on repairs, maintenance and even heating and cooling costs. As always, it’s best to get an expert’s opinion.

If you have concerns about any damage to your roof, contact Fussy Roof Restorations

If you have concerns about any damage to your roof, contact Fussy Roof Restorations

If you have detected problems with your shingles or have any other concerns about your roofing, time is of the essence. Any delay in seeking expert advice and repairs could leave you thousands of dollars out of pocket and with a virtually uninhabitable home.

For broken shingles or any other roofing issue such as restoration, painting, cleaning of gutters, if it’s roof related the team at Fussy Roof Restorations are here to help you. For more than ten years they have been expertly tending to the roofing needs of Queenslanders in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas. Accurate identification of problems and prompt, clean repairs are their hallmarks. You can talk to the professional team today on 1300 734 302, email them at info@fussyroofrestorations.com.au or use the handy contact form here.

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