The Benefits of Regular Roof Restoration

Protecting your home and saving money in the long run.

Imagine a house with an excellent interior design that looks like it jumped off the pages of a magazine. However, a closer inspection reveals water leaks from the roof. Is it not a waste of money to splurge on home decoration when the exterior part, especially the roofing material, has holes as large as the crater of a moon?

A regular roof restoration is just as important as maintaining other parts of the house in tip-top shape. The roof is the most battered part that protects its occupants from harsh elements like extreme heat, torrential rain, gutsy wind, hail, or snow. A durable roof also keeps rodents and other pests from entering the house.

If you think a regular roof restoration is costly, then try roof replacement instead. A single roof replacement is three times more expensive than a semi-annual roof restoration combined. Find out how you can benefit from regular roof restoration and save money in the long run.

The Benefits of Regular Roof Restoration -

What does a roof restoration include?

Think of roof restoration as an upgrade of your roof. If you are a fan of upgrading gadgets, car brands and models, or lifestyle, why not upgrade the most battered part of the house? A roof restoration is nothing short of putting your roof in a like-new condition. Rest assured, the roofing specialists from Fussy Roof Restorations are committed to giving your roof a clean bill of health. Read on to learn about the restoration process so that you will appreciate the benefits derived from it.

·        Roof inspection and assessment

A roofing specialist will thoroughly inspect cracks, leakages, moulds, or any signs of wear and tear. He will discuss a detailed roof condition and much-needed repairs and treatment. As no two roofs are the same, you will receive an assessment report outlining a customised solution.

·        Roof repairs

Remove and replace all roof damages, such as broken or missing tiles, rusty or damaged metal sheets, damaged valley irons, and loose roof screws. Repair and re-bed any cracks in ridge capping, and reapply the pointing with a flexible product.

·        Pressure wash

A roof specialist will clean the roof using a 4000 psi rotor head water blaster. The purpose of pressure washing is to remove dirt, dust, debris, or any material attached to the surface.

·        Preparation and treatment

After a high-pressure wash, the surface is ready for treatment. The purpose is to remove algae, moulds, lichen, or moss spores and prevent them from growing inside the tiles.

·        Roof prime and seal

As roof restoration takes shape, a roof primer treats specific concerns. Badly damaged roofs require a higher build primer and sealer.

·        Roof paint

The roof specialist will spray your roof with two thick glossy coats of paint. You have a choice of thermos-coatings, a type of paint that redirects heat to keep your home or office cool.

The Benefits of Regular Roof Restoration -

Benefits of regular roof restoration

1.      Avoid costly roof replacement

Why tear the entire roof when you can reuse some materials and restore your roof to its original form? A roof replacement will cost approximately $260 per square metre, whereas a roof restoration only costs about $90 per square metre.

2.      Prevents leaks and damages

Nature does not exempt your roof from the aging process. Like all things, it will be subject to wear and tear. A damaged roof is open to leaks down gutters and walls and will soon damage the interior of your house. Talk to your roof specialist about ways to prevent leaks and damages.

3.      Improve your house's energy efficiency

A well-sealed roof prevents heat from entering your house or prevents cool air from escaping. Either way, you save money on energy bills and keep a clean environment too!

4.      Increases the lifespan of your roof

A roof restoration adds longevity to your roof. The increased lifespan of up to 15 years gives you good sleep, knowing that your house is safe.

5.      Boosts aesthetic appeal and property value

If you plan to sell your property, the first thing to take care of is the roof. A badly battered roofing is a sign that there are damages to the house as well. It may turn off a prospective buyer. As such, you should boost your property’s aesthetic appeal and market value by ensuring proper maintenance and roof restoration.

6.      Protect against invasive pests

You do not want rodents, snakes, or creepy pests inside your house, do you? A regular roof restoration will seal off unwelcomed nocturnal guests that may crawl into your home and cause a panic attack.

7.      It is a sustainable solution.

You do not have to tear off the entire roof. Reusing some materials means less waste and pollutants for the environment.

8.      It saves money in the long run.

Do you know that roof restoration is only half the cost of a roof replacement? You will save thousands of dollars with a regular roof restoration.

The Benefits of Regular Roof Restoration -

Here are some tips on how to save money on roof restoration:

Have a plan.

A reputable roofing company will lay the requirements fair and square. As a result, no hidden costs and excess materials will cause a dent in your wallet.

Get quality materials.

Quality materials spell much difference. The longer lifespan saves you the trouble of buying at brief intervals, which may be more costly in the long run.

Reuse materials whenever possible.

Some materials may be reusable. Talk to your roof specialist about how to save a few dollars by reusing roofing materials.

Invest in Energy Star products

Some energy star roofing materials are highly reflective and help reduce warm temperatures in your house. In addition, you may get a tax credit if you use it.

The Benefits of Regular Roof Restoration -

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