How Much Does Roof Restoration Cost?

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The number one question we get here at Fussy Roof Restorations is how much does roof restoration cost? And that makes sense doesn’t it? The short answer is that most roof restorations cost between $2,500 – $9,000. But why the huge difference?

The roof restoration cost is based on a few factors:

  1. Square meterage of the roof
  2. The height, pitch and access to the roof
  3. If any repairs are necessary before painting
  4. The type of roof membrane you choose

Let’s break these down for you:

Roof Restoration Cost Factor #1; The Square Meterage

When we talk about the square meterage of a roof, we’re talking about how big your roof is. The bigger your roof, the more metres we need to clean, repair and paint. If you have a 100 square metre roof the price will be less than a 350 square metre roof.

But does that mean that a smaller roof is getting the best saving? Not necessarily. The higher the meterage, the more likely we can provide a cheaper price per square metre. We can offer these lower prices for higher meterage roofs because the setup, spray and cleanup time is spread out over the total number of square metres.

Think about it like this; The time it takes to setup our equipment, setup the safety measures, clean up the job site etcetera needs to be absorbed in the 100sqm meterage price. Those costs can be spread out in the 350sqm job a lot more easily and therefore we can offer lower sqm prices on larger jobs.

Roof Restoration Cost Factor #2; The Height, Pitch & Access


This one may seem a little more straight forward than the square meterage factor! A single storey roof restoration brings with it a lot less danger. Our team will find it easier to get the materials and equipment onto the roof if it’s only 3 metres above the ground. Compare that with a two or three storey roof which brings with it a lot more danger and issues with our team trying drag large cleaning machines and spray guns.


When we talk about pitch, we’re basically asking how steep is the roof? Most tiled roofs in Australia are somewhere between 22.5 degrees and 30 degrees. As the pitch increases past 30 degrees, the difficulty to access and work on the roof increases as well. We will factor in the pitch when we look at the price we quote for the roof restoration.


Most homes in Brisbane and the Gold coast have quite easy access with plenty of space around the house for us to setup ladders and painting equipment. But if there is limited access like narrows paths and maybe even no front or backyard, it may slow us down. So we have to allow for this in the price.

Roof Restoration Cost Factor #3; Roof Repairs

Experience has shown us that there’s no point in painting a roof that has issues underneath. Many roof restoration companies will cheap out on the repairs and just spray over them, leaving you to discover the issues later on. If you come across a quote for roof restoration for $1500, be careful. It’s most likely because the roof restorer is trying to cut corners.

When we organise a quote, we factor in roof repairs like ridge capping repointing, replacing broken tiles, gutter replacement and other things like this. This can mean that a straight up quote for roof painting cost can be increased to allow for repairs like those as described above.

Roof Restoration Cost Factor #4; Roof Membrane Choice

Depending on the look that you prefer for your roof, you can choose a matt looking finish or a glossy look. The glossy look comes from Roof Protect’s Nano Glaze technology in their range of roof membranes. The glossier the paint, the more expensive. This is because of the resins and expensive metals that go into the paint to give you that glossy look.

The other choice that may affect the price is the Heat Reflective Coating option. Roof Protect add additional chemicals and metals with heat reflective properties that reduce the radiant heat. This can also add cost to the roof restoration.

Roof Painting Services

We offer a great range of roof restoration services:

  • Roof restoration Brisbane
  • Gutter guard installation
  • Brisbane roof painting
  • Gutter painting
  • Gutter replacement
  • Minor roof repairs
  • Gutter repairs
  • Roof maintenance
  • Roof inspections

We use and recommend Roof Protect roofing membrane. Give us a call today for a free quote.

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