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5 mistakes people make when choosing a roof paint

Roof paint is a staple on almost every type of roofing. It not only adds personality and beauty to the home, but it also gives protection from harsh weather elements. However, not every roof paint is the same and mistakes can easily happen when choosing roof paint.

Roof painting can be time-consuming, stressful, laborious, and costly. Still, many people can get their money’s worth when they finish the job and enjoy the beautiful colours and long-term protection roof paints provide.

5 mistakes you should avoid when choosing the right roof paint

Picking a paint may look like a simple process but overlooking a few elements can cost time and money. Ensure your roof painting is a success by steering clear of these common mistakes people often do when choosing roof painting. In this article, the team at Fussy Roof Restorations have listed down some of the mistakes that you want to avoid at all costs when choosing the right paint for your roofing.

Choosing indoor paints

1. Choosing indoor paints

Among the most common mistakes is to choose paint for the wrong purpose, forgetting that ordinary household paints and roofing paints are not similar. Many DIY-ers find leftover paint from working on their house and decide to use it on the roof. Roof paints are different from indoor paints, with different consistencies, pigments, and general chemical makeup. The protection they provide is superior to indoor paints.

Using house paint on the roof may result in several problems. For starters, roofing paints have specific anti-weathering qualities, such as heat resistance, water resistance, and even pest resistance.

Interior paints don’t have the same properties as special roofing paint. Wondering why a roofing paint is at least 20 % more expensive than regular paint? It’s the extra protection roof paints afford you. Without these anti-weathering qualities, your paint will peel off. Your roof will bake under the sun and erode over time. Investing money in proper paints can be night and day.

Choosing colours from swatches

2. Choosing colours from swatches

Another common mistake that homeowners do is choosing the wrong colour of roof paint. Proper roofing colours are a crucial part of maintaining a healthy roof. Not only is it an aesthetic choice, but it can also help give a better lifespan to your roofing.

When picking roof paints, go beyond merely picking colours from a colour chip. The paint you select will have a different reaction when added into your roof surfaces. Depending on the lighting, even a swatch book will not be accurate.

To pick the right roof paint colours, ask the seller to mix a sample batch for you and take it home with you. Try it at home and test it, waiting for it to dry. Sure, it will cost you an extra trip to get the right colour, so pick several colours you may want to save some time.

It’s always smarter to talk to local roofing specialists who know about roof restoration and roof repair. Fussy Roof Restorations see the nuance of every roofing paint brand and how colours look for several roof surfaces.

Ignoring your home’s environment when choosing colours

3. Ignoring your home’s environment when choosing colours

Another common mistake people do with regard to roofing paints has something to do with the colour hue. In many situations, people complain about their houses getting hotter or colder after they paint their roof.

Before you start doing anything with your roof, it’s crucial to consider your surroundings first. You want to take into account that your paint will take in more or less sunlight, so it can change your residence’s indoor temperature.

If you live in hotter, dryer areas like beaches, deserts or forests, you should pick a light colour like beige, white or off-white that will reflect more sunlight. On the flip side, choose darker colours like brown, black, or grey to absorb more sunlight and allow for a warmer home in colder climates.

Skimping on paint quality

4. Skimping on paint quality

Here’s one crucial detail that everyone needs to remember: Buy top-quality roof paint every time. Sure, the cheap roof paint will cost less money now but expect that to be a problem after a few months or years. Roof paints are not created equal. In most cases, low-cost roofing paint will not provide enough protection. Yes, you should control your costs, but you should also ensure that you have ample protection over the years.

Bad roof painting can cause a few problems. At the very least, low-quality paints can wear off too fast. A proper roofing paint should last you 10 to 15 years. If you get problems within the first couple of years, that’s more cost down the line.

Cheap roof painting also contributes to excessive peeling, which exposes your roof to the elements. Without any protection, you can expect your roof to take more damage than normal.

Most quality paints also have special additives, including preventing harmful UV rays. Superior quality paints also provide long-term protection for cracking and peeling. It can help toughen the surface of your roof.

Professionals can apply your roof paints properly and pick the right measure of cost versus quality. Their process will also take into account how to maximise coverage for your roof whilst using less paint.

Choosing the same roof paint for your trim and siding

5. Choosing the same roof paint for your trim and siding

If you’re planning to only colour your roof, make sure that it fits aesthetically with your siding and trim. A harmonious colour for both doesn’t always mean they should be the same. If you ask people who understand how paint works, they will tell you to pick a different paint for your roof, trim, and siding, in order to provide a compliment and contrast.

Similar roof paints for your roof, trim, and siding are quite dull. It’s best to mix and match. If you’re unsure how to mix and match, pick a colour for your siding that is two to three shades darker than your roof paint.

For best results, leave your roof painting job to local professionals

When choosing a roof paint, you need to find one that fits your budget and will last a long time. Painting a roof and restoring it is no joke, and that’s why you should leave it to the experts.

If you plan on painting your roof, you need to get the pros. Find roof restoration experts that can repair and restore your roof to its original glory. Look for Fussy Roof Restorations in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

Fussy Roof Restorations has decades of experience working on any type of roof. With them by your side, you can get the roof that will last a long time. Send us an online message by clicking here or call us on 1300 734 302 and find out how the right roof paint can do wonders for your roof with professional care.

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