We’ll fix your Roof Leaks Brisbane!

A roof leak can cause major damage and stress to you as homeowner. No to mention the cost to repair electrical systems or to remove mould. Why not fix problems where they start; the roof! Here at Fussy, our goal is to beautify and protect your roof at a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

Along with making your roof more presentable, our team of qualified tradesmen can provide you with a free consultation to identify any areas of potential leaks and quote to repair these.

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We love to make people’s roofs a safer and leak-free place. because we ourselves have had to battle against the elements and fix roof leaks on our own homes in Brisbane. Don’t wait until it’s already happened, give us a call to arrange a free quote with photos to fix your roof leak today.

Roof Leak Detection.

Why not send us a quote request using the form below and our trusted team will be in contact to help you on your way to a safe, beautiful and leak-free roof. They call us fussy for a reason!

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