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Robina Roof Painting

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I like my roofs how I like my! And with a 10 year warranty, I'm yet to find a coffee that does that.

This recent Robina Roof Painting was completed on the customers investment property before the new tenants moved in. Unlike with your personal home, investment properties often go longer than recommended waiting for maintenance and upkeep. Unfortunately, for the owner of this property his previous restoration had deteriorated over time leaving the paint faded and cracked. The roof had to be completely stripped of the existing paint before it could be re-coated. The owner made the best decision, by choosing to go with a company that understands roofs as much a good quality coffee grind!

Fussy also uses a product designed for the Australian sun which comes with a 10 year warranty.

Our client has really made the right choice by investing in our company to protect his investment property! You can make the right choice too, so chose us today to come out for a free inspection.

Check out the video below to see the completed works!


Why Roof Protect Is The Best?

Before the construction of Robina Town Centre shopping complex and the Robina Railway Station, the suburb of Robina Town Centre (sub-suburb of 'Robina') was formerly known as Kerrydale.
Homely website says: "As a real estate agent agent working in Robina, I meet residents of Robina on a daily basis. These are very often families who have lived in the suburb in excess of 20 years and is testament to how wonderful the suburb is." Robina is just booming at the moment! It's really no surprise to us that you're considering upgrading or restoring your roof, as the homes around are just so beautiful. Therefore, call us today to find out how we can help.

Some of our clients only ask for a small roof repair to be addressed, due to annoying them for way too long. We can help with this, relieving your many annoyances. We can provide roof cleaning, roof restoration, roof painting and more. Fussy does so much, leaving you so satisfied with your roof that you'll end up being the envy of all your friends, family and especially the neighbours!

We use and recommend Industrial Roof Coatings Roof Protect membrane.


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