Restoring Concrete Roof Tiles: What You Need to Know?  

Concrete roof tile restoration 101

Are you planning to buy a new home, or perhaps thinking of having some renovations this year? Great! Changing a few things in your house will certainly make a massive difference in your residential property. But before you get too excited and started listing down those adjustments, do not forget to look at the current condition of your roof. 

Is it still in good shape? Are watermarks evident there, or do you need some roof restoration? 

Why is it Important to Check Your Roof? 

If you have concrete roof tiles, you know that the roof itself is not the only part that needs to be taken care of. The tiles are the icing on the cake and require some TLC too. Fortunately, concrete tiles have been around for a long time, so plenty of resources are available to help you out. 

What Makes Concrete Roof Tiles Appealing to Homeowners

What Makes Concrete Roof Tiles Appealing to Homeowners? 

Concrete tiles are the most long-lasting materials used in roof construction and maintenance. Cement, sand, and water are mixed to produce a wet substance. These are moulded and solidified to make roof tiles.

Because of its capacity to endure fire, high winds, and other forms of climatic variables, concrete is often used in the construction of residential houses or buildings. In addition, concrete tiles are inexpensive and come in various colours, including grey, black, and red, to fit the décor of your home. They have also demonstrated excellent performance during earthquakes and meet seismic load criteria for building materials.

However, concrete tiles, like all other materials, deteriorate or wear out over time. In that case, restoring your concrete roof tiles as soon as possible is highly recommended. 

What are the Most Common Signs of Damaged or Broken Concrete Roof Tiles? 

Here are some of the most obvious signs that your roof’s concrete tiles require restoration.

Water stains

If you notice any watermarks on your ceiling, check the condition of your roof right away. 

Water usually gets through when the tiles become damaged. It makes its way to your roof and leaves stains on the ceiling. This not only looks bad, but it can also cause a lot more damage if unfixed. 

Watermarks are a sign of a leak, and while you can clean and paint over them, you will always struggle with these unless you address the underlying issue.

Water dripping

If there is a heavy rainstorm outside and you notice water drops seeping down from your ceiling, it is time to call in for some professional help. 

Another issue arises when water encounters light fixtures. This is extremely dangerous and should be handled by an expert.

Should you DIY concrete roof tile restoration

Should you DIY concrete roof tile restoration?

If you are thinking of restoring your concrete roof tiles yourself, you should ensure that you have the proper equipment and materials. It’s best to start with a small project so you can learn the ropes before committing to a larger project. 

Different tools used to restore concrete roof tiles include a hammer and chisel, grinder, and power washer. These three tools are used to remove the old paint and concrete. Then, the new colour is applied, and the new concrete is poured. Once the new concrete is poured, the tiles are finished and ready to be installed.

However, roofing work can get overwhelming. Hence, it’s best to consider looking for a local roof restoration expert like Fussy Roof Restorations. This way, you can save heaps of time and effort and rest assured that a specialist is taking care of the work. 

What to Look for in a Restoration Service

What to Look for in a Restoration Service

Hiring the best company to deliver outstanding results in a restricted timeframe for concrete roof tiles is essential. Here are some tips in searching for a reliable roof restoration company in Brisbane and Gold Coast:  

Look for a reference.

If the company is reputable, it would be easy to look for reviews or references for their work. You can ask for suggestions from your loved ones or look online for verified reviews.

Ask for their license.

Do not be fooled by just any person claiming their expertise in restoring concrete roof tiles without showing proof. Before hiring a roofing company, make sure that they are licensed and insured. Take note that you could get in trouble for not having the correct insurance. Furthermore, you might not get a tax receipt for the work done if the company is not licensed.

Ensure that the roofing specialist is updated.

There are some tradies that would only apply the knowledge they have learned from a decade ago. In other words, what they know could already be obsolete. So, ensure that the company you hire is not just an expert in their field but is also open to new trends that can help improve their work. Ask for the latest training certificates to ensure they are up to date with the latest methods.

Ensure reliability of work.

Another essential tip in looking for a company to restore your concrete roof tiles is their proven dependability in their work. See to it that the company you hire will not leave you with a mess and that they will be able to clean up after work.

Concrete roof tiles are not just essential parts of a home. They can also add appeal to any dwelling and keep your whole family safe from any natural calamities. Therefore, keeping your concrete roof tiles in good condition is essential.

Contact Fussy Roof Restorations for professional concrete roof tiles restoration in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Contact Fussy Roof Restorations for professional concrete roof tiles restoration in Brisbane and Gold Coast. 

Are you searching for a reliable company to help restore your concrete roof tiles in Brisbane and Gold Coast? Get in touch with Fussy Roof Restorations today and let us help transform your old and damaged roof into an amazing one! From roof painting to roof cleaning, you are in good hands with our Brisbane roofing specialists.

We also cover other services that you might need, including gutter replacement or repair. Call us today on 1300 734 302 to book an appointment with our roof repair experts.

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