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We at Fussy Roof Restorations have a wide range of services that will make sure that any damage that plagues your roof gets repaired.

Our staff is the best in the area, and the equipment we have is top-notch. Contact us at 1300 734 302 or send an email to for any questions.

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Top Quality Nerang Roof Restoration

Do you have a tough time with leaking roofs? Is your roof near its lifespan? It’s the time when you need to look for roof restoration services.

Roof restoration is the process that involves cleaning, repairing and painting/re-coating of the roof. Doesn’t matter the type of roof you have, roof restoration Nerang is beneficial for all. The process permits you reusing your existing roof in an improved condition.

There are certain damages that only professionals can identify. So it’s always vital to look for specialized and reputed roof specialists.

Why Us?

Fussy Roof Specialists are the best experts with 10 years of experience in the roofing industry. Alistair runs the family-owned business with a skilled team that comprises local and professional roofers. We are pledged to give quality service with the best products. Various reasons make us best in the roofing industry.

  • On time service
  • Superior paint
  • Roof Coatings with a 10-year warranty
  • Interest-free payment terms
  • Best quotes
  • Free roof inspection
  • Skilled roofers

Our Services

Our fully licensed and insured services include:

  • Roof restoration
  • Roof repairs Nerang
  • Gutter Restoration
  • Repainting of Exteriors
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Water Leaks

When our team is on the job, they inspect the roof for all damages. They look for leakages, broken tiles, rusted gutters and other crucial places that may need repair. After examining the roof properly, our roofers begin the cleaning and repairing process.

Our roofers are also best in giving ideas while the selection of colours for roof restoration Nerang. It’s not only about the colour, but the type of paint is also necessary. Roof painters Nerang applying only the best quality coatings can beautify and increase shelf life of roofs.

Contact us to get a free inspection and get your roof repaired with our best services.

We use Industrial Roof Coatings roof paint. Click here for more information. 

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