How to Keep Your Gutters Leaf Free

Keeping your gutters clean and leaf-free is an integral part of roof maintenance. Gutters redirect and channel water either to a drain or to a place of your choice. During the rainy season, they are essential in redirecting water and moving it down from your roof to the drains to prevent it from potentially flooding your home.

Benefits of gutters

If you live in subtropical regions such as Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast, storms and rainfall are commonplace. So, it’s best to prepare for the wet season and install a gutter to prevent water pooling on and around your home, garage, or patio.

Here are more advantages of having guttering:

Gutters protect your house’s foundation.

·  Gutters protect your house’s foundation.

Your gutter protects the foundation of your home by channelling rainwater away from your house to a safer place. When water pools around the foundation of your house, it can cause significant damage. Especially during the wet season, water can easily accumulate in the foundations of your home, and it can result in damage and water stains.

They help harvest and recycle water.

·  They help harvest and recycle water.

By having control over where rainwater goes, you can harvest and reuse it to water your garden, clean your driveway and wash your car, among other purposes.

They control water.

·  They control water.

With a gutter, you can divert water into a place away from your windows, garage, or patio. It will prevent flooding in your garage, damage to your flowerbeds, or unwanted showers on your patio.

A well-maintained gutter can help preserve your roof, but it can only do so if you keep it clean and leaf-free. Leaves that accumulate on your roof can get wet, swamped and easily decay.

Guttering is prone to clogging because of its limited capacity. It also attracts different animals, such as birds and rats. In some cases, since gutters are only attached to the edge of a roof, they can tear away when damaged. Make sure that your gutter can channel water properly by timely removing things that can potentially block or clog it.

Ways to keep your gutters leaf-free

Your gutter may be prone to clogging if your house is surrounded by tall trees and canopies. It’s best to ensure your gutter is always leaf-free so it can function properly and not cause any inconvenience. Here are some of the ways to make sure that your gutters are leaf-free.

Sweep your roof regularly.

·  Sweep your roof regularly.

If you have tall trees around your house, you will often be dealing with falling leaves on your roof. Although trees are really pleasant to have around, they shed leaves that can potentially clog your gutter, which can result in saturation and roof damage.

One thing you can do to make sure your roof and gutter stay clean is to sweep these leaves off the roof regularly. Use a push broom with soft to medium bristles to sweep dry leaves, or utilise a rake to take out wet leaves. Make sure, though, not to scrape your roof when sweeping to avoid removing asphalt granules which could lead to other roof issues. You can also simply take out wet or decayed leaves by hand.

Use a leaf blower.

·  Use a leaf blower.

If you want to effectively remove leaves from your roof and gutter without the effort of sweeping, you can use a gas-powered leaf blower. However, take extra safety precautions while operating a leaf blower, and make sure that you’re on a perfectly balanced place when you use it on the roof and not while on a ladder. Also, use the blower to blow leaves down and not up so as not to damage your roof shingles.

Prune the trees around your house.

·  Prune the trees around your house.

One effective way to keep your gutter leaf free for a long time is to prune the trees around your house. Trimming the branches of your trees will not only lessen the leaves on your roof, but it will also enable your trees to grow better and fruit trees will produce more fruit.

Pruning trees also allows better airflow around your home, which results in a safer environment by preventing branches from falling or from interfering with electricity lines.

Although you can prune your trees anytime you want, it’s ideal to trim them during winter time to enable them to flourish fully during spring. Use sharp and clean tools to avoid damaging the branches. Before pruning, make sure you remove damaged, dead, or diseased branches. If the task of pruning your trees is too difficult and hazardous, however, you might want to hire professionals to do it for you.

Install a gutter guard

·  Install a gutter guard

A gutter guard, also called a gutter cover, is a product designed to protect your guttering from leaves, branches, debris, and small animals, while still allowing rainwater to drain away. However, installing a gutter guard does not mean you will never clean your gutter again. Although it lessens the need to clean your gutter manually, it’s not a foolproof solution. You still need to clean your gutter every now and then. Call a Gold Coast roof restoration company to help you install a gutter guard safely and effectively.

Roof Cleaning Services


·  Hire the services of a roof cleaning company.

If you do not want the hassle of cleaning your roof and gutter on your own, you can hire the service of a roof cleaning company. A roof cleaning company offers not only roof restoration but gutter cleaning services as well. Trained and licensed to perform roof restorations, a reputable roofing tradie has the cleaning and safety equipment to do their job properly. Also, they can perform initial inspection on your roof and gutter to see if they need to repair anything.

High-Quality Gutter Restoration Service by Fussy Roof Restorations

Keep your gutter leaf and debris free by following the tips above. Cleaning and maintaining your roof, however, can be a lot of work and may be dangerous in some instances. Roof cleaning may be better off done by licensed tradies like Fussy Roof Restorations.

If you need the help of a roof restoration company in Gold Coast, Brisbane, or Sunshine Coast, contact our team today! Aside from roof restoration, we also specialise in gutter restoration, which includes cleaning and installation.

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