How long does roof restoration last?

Understanding the benefits of roof restoration.

The roof protects the household and the property from the harsh sun and the rain. Without it, a home is never a safe place.

To ensure that your roofs stay weatherproof and secure, regular maintenance and TLC are needed. One of the ways that homeowners can take care of their roofs is through roof restoration.

People who plan on selling their homes will also benefit from a roof restoration job. A restored roof not only adds to the selling value of the home but also boosts its curb appeal.

What is roof restoration?

Roof restoration involves several processes. The roofing professional who restores roofs cleans, repairs, and recoats them, preserving their beauty and extending their life spans. It applies to all types of roofing, such as terracotta tile, galvanised iron, and concrete tile.

How to know when a roof needs restoration?

How to know when a roof needs restoration?

There are many ways to know if a roof restoration job is needed. Here are some of the signs that homeowners should watch out for.

The age of the roof.

The age at which a roof needs restoration will depend on its material. For instance, tile roofs will greatly benefit from a roof restoration job once their age is beyond 12 years. Generally, a roof should last at least 20 years, but this may vary based on the roofing material. Due to exposure to harsh weather elements and roof damages, a roof may require restoration even before it reaches 20 years.

The roof is leaking.

A leak is never a good sign when it comes to roofs. Instead, a roof leak is one of the strong indicators that the roof needs some work done. Always be on the lookout for signs of leaks, so that they can be fixed immediately while they are not too costly to mend.

A roof restoration can solve leaking problems and prevent more extensive damage to the property.

There are missing or damaged shingles.

Calling a reliable professional for roof maintenance and check-up is a must to assess the roofing for damage. For example, checking for damaged shingles will require going up to the roof, which is much safer if done by a professional.

Cracked, curling, loose, and missing shingles are signs that the roof may need some restoration works.

There are signs of water damage.

Stains on the ceiling and walls are some of the visible signs of water damage. Water damage, if left unattended, can lead to more complicated and costly problems. Moisture can affect the integrity of any structure. It can compromise the house and lead to more dangerous and expensive problems.

The colour of the roof is fading.

Fading roof colour may seem like a simple problem, but it actually is an indicator of the overall condition and age of the roof. A faded roof means it no longer has its protective layer, leaving it vulnerable to the environment. It can also mean that there are layers of dirt on the roof.

There is corrosion.

When metal roofs are exposed to moisture, they can corrode over time. Once the protective layer of the metal roof wears off, it becomes prone to rust. Rusts, no matter the amount, can be removed by roof restoration.

The roof is sagging.

Sagging roofs have many causes, and the best thing to do is to call a roofing professional to assess the damage. Note that roof restoration can help fix sagging roofs depending on what caused it.

How long does a restored roof last?

How long does a restored roof last?

Roof restoration can extend the life of the roof for another 10 to 15 years. But of course, this depends on the quality of the work. What the homeowner does after also affects how long the restored roof will last. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help maximise the extended life of the restored roof.

Benefits of a roof restoration job

Benefits of a roof restoration job

Here are just some of the benefits of restoring a roof.

It improves the value of the property.

Getting a roof restored is beneficial for homeowners who plan on selling their properties. Restoring the roof boosts the curb appeal of the home, making it more attractive. It also helps increase the selling price of the property. Roofing affects the overall aesthetics of the home, making a roof restoration necessary before selling a house.

It increases the life of the roof.

The life span of a restored roof lasts 10 to 15 years. This means that if the roof was restored when it was 15 years old, another 15 years is added to its life. When done at the right time, it eliminates the need for roof replacement, which tends to be more expensive.

It protects the roof from pests.

Pests can enter the house through the vulnerabilities of the roof, such as loose sheets or missing shingles. A roof restoration can help keep the roof and house safe and secured from pest invasion.

It protects the house from weather elements.

The roof protects the house from the rain, heat, and cold. During the winter months, a damaged roof can affect the house’s heating. Any small gaps can let the warm air escape, making the heating system work overtime and leave the house a little colder. This could also result in a higher electricity bill.

At the same time, it can cause the house to heat up during the hot summer months. The air conditioner will also have to exert more effort to cool down the house. A restored roof does not only protect the house from the elements, but it makes it also more energy efficient.

In addition, a fully restored roof will have no leaks, protecting the house from water damage.

It gives the owner peace of mind.

With the roof secured and its defects solved, the household can rest easy knowing that there is a stable roof over their heads.

It gives a clean water run-off.

For households collecting rainwater, a restored roof can give them clean water. They can use this collected water since it has better quality.

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