Fussy Roof Restorations offers industry-standard roof repair, roof painting, and roof restoration services. Our crew will ensure that your home or building is leak-free, safe, and looking its best.

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Outstanding Roof Repairs in Coolangatta


The roof is one of the most neglected parts of a home or building. Since it is out of sight, we tend to put off roof maintenance until something goes terribly wrong. Roofing protects people and property. Thus, when problems are left undetected, they can cause substantial damage or even injury. Regular roof maintenance can help you save time and money by identifying and fixing issues right away.

Give Your Home a Makeover with Coolangatta Roof Restoration Services

Is your roof older than 12 years? Does it look tired and worn? Roof replacement, however, is not always the best choice. Instead, roof restoration helps bring your roof back to life without the cost of replacing everything.

Coolangatta roof restoration include power cleaning, repairing, and repainting. This process ensures that your roof is safe and weather-proof while giving it a brand new look.

Modern Roof Painting in Coolangatta

A fresh coat of paint restores old roofs to their original glory. No damage to your roof? When all you need is an aesthetic transformation, then roof painting can do the trick.

Before you contact professional roof painters, ask a building inspector to assess your property. There may be cracked tiles, missing shingles, rusted sheets, or loose flashing. If so, then roof painting is not an option.

Careful and Detailed Roof Repairs

For roof repairs, call a professional who is licensed, trained, and experienced. We highly recommend addressing the issues right away. This’ll prevent widespread damage throughout the home. If your roof is deteriorating, then have a professional roofer assess its condition and provide solutions.

Our Complete Line-up of Roof Services

Fussy Roof Restorations offers repair, repainting and restoration services for residents of Brisbane, the Gold Coast region, and Sunshine Coast.

Here is the step-by-step process of our roof restoration service:

  1. Look for leaks, broken tiles, ineffective gutters, and other roof defects.
  2. Re-point the ridge capping to ensure a watertight roof.
  3. Clean the roof with a 4000PSI water blaster.
  4. Apply anti-mould treatment.
  5. Apply tile or sheet sealer.
  6. Spray sealer.
  7. Paint two thick glossy coats.
  8. Clear rubbish.

We also provide additional services such as:

  • Paint colour consultation
  • Heat reflective paint thermo coat for interior cooling
  • Installation of Gutter Guard and Whirly Birds
  • Painting of gutter and fascia

About Coolangatta

Located in the southernmost tip of Gold Coast, Coolangatta is a surfing paradise. It features spectacular waves at Greenmount, Snapper Rocks, and the world-class surf break of Duranbah. It also shares a boundary with Tweed Heads, NSW. As such, Coolangatta offers you the unique experience of celebrating New Year’s twice due to the time zone difference.

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