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Our mission is to take the stress out of roof restorations with our great range of products and friendly services.

We’ve been providing services to the Brisbane Region. Our team of qualified roof painter are people you can trust. Our awesome team can provide a full range of roof restoration solutions for any building style; Commercial, Strata & Residential.

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No1. Local West End Roof Painting


West End represents an alternative take on urban living. There is nothing like it in Australia, and few places like it in the world. Imagine. A place where your neighbours are your friends, and your friends are artists, builders, students, doctors, musicians, lawyers, yoga instructors, academics, bloggers, local business owners, and circus performers. You walk, skate or ride to work or study – just 20 minutes to the city or to Queensland’s major universities (unless you choose to laze it on the CityCat as it hums along the river).

Roof Restoration West End

You walk 10 minutes to the best food, coffee and nightlife in Brisbane. On Saturday, you walk to the farmers market, where you catch up with your neighbours, listen to upcoming musicians, and purchase fresh fruit and veg.

The residential streets are quiet and safe, and neighbours still say hello to each other. In the morning, you wake up to the sound of Kookaburras, chickens, and lorikeets. You meet your friends at the gym, the indoor climbing centre, yoga, Capoeira, and/or Latin Dance school.

Roof Painting West End

The restoration of your terracotta roof has numerous benefits, particularly if you choose roof painting West End as we have developed a breakthrough process of coating for Terracotta tiles. We are qualified tradespeople who work to the strictest standards, thereby ensuring we maintain the respected reputation we have worked hard to establish.

The first step of our tile roof restoration is to thoroughly clean your roof with a high pressure water application. This process removes all dirt and fungus, both of which contribute to the breakdown of your tiles.

When the roof has been cleaned we apply our special sterilising coat, this being one of the major factors in the process.

The solution kills all growth and inhibits any further re-growth of lichen, moss and fungus which ensures your tiles stay strong and intact. Depending on the extent of moss and lichen growth on your roof, this process may be repeated during the course of the job to ensure it success.

Next, a careful examination is made and tiles that are broken or causing problems are removed and replaced.

Once all the replacement tiles are positioned, re-bedding begins. We repair and strengthen all ridge caps and completely re-point the entire roof using a flexible mortar compound as well as ensuring all tiles are properly bedded down.

We offer a great range of roof restoration services:

  • Roof restoration West End
  • Gutter guard installation
  • West End Roof painting
  • Gutter painting
  • Gutter replacement
  • Minor roof repairs
  • Gutter repairs
  • Roof maintenance
  • Roof inspections

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