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Our mission is to take the stress out of roof restorations with our great range of products and friendly services.

We’ve been providing services to the Brisbane Region. Our team of qualified roof painter are people you can trust. Our awesome team can provide a full range of roof restoration solutions for any building style; Commercial, Strata & Residential.

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No1. Local Roof Painting Gordon Park


If you’ve never visited Gordon Park, then it’s worth exploring to see what is has to offer. It’s one of those suburbs that you will have passed-by a thousand times but never really noticed that it was there, given it’s location.

While it’s the smallest suburb in Brisbane, it is filled with beautiful, well maintained character homes, framed by the pristine Kedron Brook and surrounding park lands.

Convenient access to amenities. Trips to Chermside, Toombull, Bunnings are only a moment away. A stress free 10 minute drive to the airport via the Airport Link tunnel. A 10-15 minute trip from home to work in town via the Kedron Brook bus station, with less crowding than trains during peak – which was an unexpected benefit!

We recommend it for young families looking to live close (5-6km) to the city. A perfect place to start a family, to stroll about with pets. Great schools in catchment.

Roof Painting Gordon Park

How do you know what’s good and what’s not good? It’s not like the company you’re dealing with will tell you their paint is rubbish (and there are hundreds of paints to choose from).

Pure acrylic resin is the best quality you can get in a paint (there are different types of resins but I won’t go there and bore you to death). Resin is a liquid that has 50% solids in it.

So the best types of paint would be pure acrylic resin that would only have UV stabilisers, fungicides and pigment added (the extras account for around 5% extra solids). This are the only type of paints that Gordon Park Roof Painting use and recommend.

Roof Restoration Gordon Park

This means a good quality paint will have around 55% solids in it. Be careful though as cheaper paints will often have fillers added that will dramatically affect the longevity (but not the immediate appearance) of the coating.

In order to establish the coverage of a paint and the warranty that is given both the solids content and the percentage of resin will be known by competent companies like Roof Restoration Gordon Park.

We offer a great range of Gordon Park roof restoration services:

  • Roof restoration Gordon Park
  • Gutter guard installation
  • Gordon Park Roof painting
  • Gutter painting
  • Gutter replacement
  • Minor roof repairs
  • Gutter repairs
  • Roof maintenance
  • Roof inspections

We use and recommend Roof Protect waterproofing membrane. Give us a call today for a free quote.

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