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Located just 2.5km’s from the CBD, East Brisbane is a great suburb to live in. It has a beautiful park and a great community spirit. It is great for families as there is a playground in the park that’s great for kids to play in.

Most of the houses in the are were built in 1880s, giving it a stately feel.  For example, one such development was the Heathfield Estate, which was released in 1886. Mowbray Park, a large riverside park, was until the 1930s, the site of a public swimming pool built into the river. Until 13 April 1969 electric trams operated by the Brisbane City Council served the suburb. They ran along Stanley Street from Woolloongabba, into Lisburn, Elfin and Latrobe Street and then into Lytton Road, and on to Bulimba. Trolley-buses, also operated by the City Council operated along Stanley Street until March.

Roof Painting East Brisbane

East Brisbane roof painting also called sealing and roof painting, is a process used to resurface cement tiles. As the demand for roof restorations has grown, so have the amount of companies providing this service. There are many different products available to use for the process as well as many different ways of getting the work done.

Broken tiles can lead to water leaking into the cavity, unfortunately tiles can break for many reasons. Walking on tiles in the wrong place without taking care can obviously break or damage them. Simple wear and tear will also contribute to some breakages over the years. Roof Restoration East Brisbane are ready and waiting to help you with a great quote.

More serious problems can occur if the tiles have been laid too close together. As tiles heat up on warmer days they expand into neighbouring tiles – with this happening across the whole crest, fractures and breakages are likely to happen. If you believe this to be the case, a heat reflective compound can be applied to the tiles to minimise the temperature they can reach, reducing the chances of tile breakage.

Roof Restoration East Brisbane

Another issue is breakages from frost – either in very low temperatures or from wind chill factors. A tile that has lost its protective coating will absorb a significant amount of moisture – when ice is formed due to weather factors, the moisture in the tile surface will freeze. This will break the tile much the same way as a bottle of water in the freezer bursts on freezing.

Roof Painting East Brisbane offer a wide range of roofing services designed to assist you with all these issues and more. Our qualified supervisors are trained to identify the cause of your problems and recommend appropriate solutions to aid your roof restoration.

We offer a great range of East Brisbane roof restoration services:

  • Roof restoration East Brisbane
  • Gutter guard installation
  • East Brisbane roof painting
  • Gutter painting
  • Gutter replacement
  • Minor roof repairs
  • Gutter repairs
  • Roof maintenance
  • Roof inspections

We use and recommend Roof Protect waterproofing membrane. Give us a call today for a free quote.

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