7 Things to Consider Before a Roof Restoration

From costs to disposal of old roof, here are some things to consider before getting roof restoration.

There is no doubt that the roof is a vital part of every home. Experts recommend that every homeowner should allow enough time and resources for adequate roof maintenance. Sometimes, however, you will find yourself dealing with problems that will give you a headache, as when your roofing gets damaged. You may come to a point where you need to undertake a roof restoration.

Before deciding to hire a Gold Coast or Brisbane roof contractor, there are a number of things you must consider.

Major Considerations When Deciding to Get Roof Restoration

Roofs tend to show their age over time. Some of the most common signs that tell you that you need roof restoration are:

  • Roof leaks
  • Roof sagging
  • Damaged roof valleys
  • Corrosion

The roof restoration process typically involves cleaning, repairing, and changing the existing roof tiles to make them look brand new. Roof restoration is a hard, lengthy, and risky process, so you need to ensure that all the important factors are taken into consideration to avoid wasting time and money.


1.  Cost

Resources are limited for most of us, so you need to make sure that you are not spending more money than you need to.

Request a thorough inspection of your house first. The restoration company should know the condition of your roof before giving recommendations on what needs to be done. A Brisbane roofing expert should be able to identify broken or cracked tiles, areas of interest, and any spots that require immediate attention.

Let your contractor know if you have set a strict budget. The price can be scrutinised properly if the roofing contractor gives you the correct breakdown of materials. Make it a point to review the detailed quotation and check each item. Watch out for an estimate that seems over the top. A reliable roofing specialist can help you strike the perfect balance where quality is not compromised despite lowered costs.

The right type of roofing material

2.  The right type of roofing material

The roof is a critical part of your house. As such, you cannot take any chances when it comes to selecting the right roofing material.

There are many types of roofing materials available in the market. Roofing technology has evolved much throughout the years, and there may be materials available now that you probably hadn’t heard about when you built your first house.

Some of the most popular choices include traditional shingles which are made from slate and asphalt. Other people trust metal roofs. Some modern metal roofing materials look like other materiasl but are more energy-efficient and long-lasting.

Requirements from the local council

3.  Requirements from the local council

Diligent homeowners need to double-check roofing requirements set by the local council. Although your trusted Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast contractor would likely know all the government requirements, it is preferable that you also know yourself that you are compliant with rules and standards.

Obtaining a valid Building Approval, for instance, is a requirement when doing re-roofing work in Queensland. It’s best to discuss with your roof contractor to confirm who will bear the responsibility of seeking permits and licenses.

Disposal of refuse material

4.  Disposal of refuse material

Ask your roofing contractor on how they plan to dispose of the refuse material from your roof. They usually have their own skip to store the waste.

If they do this, take note of where they place the container. Ask what will happen if the skip causes damage to your driveway or other areas in your property.

Roof removal

5.  Roof removal

Ask the roofing contractor if they plan to dispose of your old roof for you. It is usually advisable to get rid of the old roof instead of placing new shingles over it.

If this occurs and there is rotting wood, the problem is not really getting fixed. It is just a Band-Aid solution that will cost you more money in the future.

Selecting the roofing contractor

6.  Selecting the roofing contractor

Not all things can be DIY-ed, especially if you do not possess the necessary knowledge or skills. Choosing the right professional to work on your property is critical. Don’t settle for the cheapest contractor that you see.

Review your options carefully. Several companies will woo you and commit to giving exceptional results. This can be just part of their marketing strategy. Try to get recommendations or testimonials from satisfied clients. Ask them to show you their previous projects to determine if they are worth hiring.

It will help if you think long term. Choose a company that you think you can work with for a long time and at any time. In this way, they’ll know your property inside and out. They are also in the best position to advise on how to maintain your roof. You can contact them anytime to inspect, renovate, and repair your roof.

Some basic questions you can ask when choosing a contractor are the following:

  • Do you have a license?
  • Is your company insurance valid?
  • Do you provide written quotations?
  • Do your materials have a warranty? For how long?
  • Do you have a list of references I can follow-up?
Timeline for roof restoration

7.  Timeline for roof restoration

You also need to factor in the time needed to complete roof restoration. The project timeline is essential as you don’t want to disrupt your daily life for a longer period than necessary. You also don’t want to have the work done when you have guests or weather condition is extreme.

Pick the best timing for the project. You don’t want to cause inconvenience to yourself, your family, or your neighbours.

Fussy Roof Restorations Can Help Give New Life to Your Roof.

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